Lecture slides

The book can serve as a basis for a course on Interactive Visual Data Analysis. Like the book, the slides cover the topics of visualization, interaction, and automatic analysis support. While most slides are based on the content of the book, some slides feature additional material. Feel free to use the slides under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0) as you see fit. If you find the slides useful, it would be nice to hear about that. Also, if you spot mistakes or have any feedback, drop us a line.


Part I - Fundamentals

  1. Introduction (54 slides) [pptx], [pdf]
  2. Criteria and influencing factors (57 slides) [pptx], [pdf]
  3. Process models (37 slides) [pptx], [pdf]

Part II - Visualization

  1. Visual mapping (51 slides) [pptx], [pdf]
  2. Multivariate visualization (46 slides) [pptx], [pdf]
  3. Visualization of temporal data (50 slides) [pptx], [pdf]
  4. Visualization of geo-spatial data (56 slides) [pptx], [pdf]
  5. Graph visualization (58 slides) [pptx], [pdf]

Part III - Interaction

  1. Models and concepts of interaction (54 slides) [pptx], [pdf]
  2. Basic picking, selection, and zooming (56 slides) [pptx], [pdf]
  3. Data navigation and interactive lenses (49 slides) [pptx], [pdf]
  4. Interactive visual comparison and interaction beyond mouse and keyboard ...

Part IV